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Words - The Power of the Spoken Word

On Wednesday my 6 year son came home from school and said Dad

"Do you know the F… word?"

I paused, considered the question and said…

"Yes, my son I know the F…word"

In fact I know a lot of F…words


No Dad "That is not the F…word"

He looked at his older sisters, laughed and said

"Oh my gosh, Dad doesn't even know the F word!"

Yesterday I received a call from a gentlemen asking me if I would help him with Public Speaking. He said that he believed that words can have tremendous power and really impact people's lives. He wanted to improve his speaking skills so that he can make a more powerful impact on others.

I said to him "Do you know the F… word?" (ha ha)

Words do have power!

I was brought up to be mindful of the words that I used and to never use a bad word, when there are so many wonderful words to choose from.

With this in mind, I continued to share my favourite "F…words" with my son


What about you? Do you know the F…. Word?

Do you believe in the power of the spoken word?

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