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Are you rich?

Do you want to be rich?

Very rich.

My Grandmother Doreen was rich.

Very rich.

I want to be rich just like her.

She didn’t go to university.....she didn’t even finish high school

She didn’t climb the corporate ladder.....she didn’t even get on the ladder

She didn’t own a house.....but visiting her always felt like home.

She didn’t buy investment properties.....she would say “why do people need more than one home, they can only live in one place”

She didn't leave money behind when she passed away....but she left so much more!

She had TIME for people

She LOVED her family

She would say HELLO to a stranger and chat to them

She PRAYED for individuals every day

She made people LAUGH with her quick wit

She was rich in her faith

She was rich in character

She was rich in giving her time to others.

Our culture values a different kind of rich.

Our culture values those on the “rich list” more than those dying of starvation or those in need.

My Grandmother Doreen lived to the ripe old age of 93.

Here last words to me were “You are the last hope….”

I don’t know exactly what she meant by that.

It’s something I think about.

I just read that the name Doreen is said to mean “GIFT”.

My Grandmother life was a GIFT to me and to those that she met.

She was rich.

Very rich

Are you rich?

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