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Is busy better?

I received a phone call this morning from someone asking for some help.

They started the call with "I know you are busy....."

It made me think.....

How do they know I'm busy?

Is that the perception I have given people in the past?

Is that the perception I'm giving people now?

Is that the perception people have of everybody?

I certainly do not want people in need of help to think that I am too busy.

I certainly do not want my children to think that I am too busy for them.

I certainly "no longer" equate busy with "better"!

The reality is I wasn't busy at the time of the call.

The reality is I don't want to be perceived as "busy".

The reality is that I want people to feel like I do have time for them.

What about you?

Do you assume that everyone around you is busy?

Do people assume that you are too busy for them?

Do you equate "busy" with "better"?

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